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Quantum Page is one of the most prestigious publishers of Engineering Books located in Sahibabad, U.P incorporated in 2005. The consistent emphasis of our publishing house has been on quality. We specialize in engineering books and have been publishing titles for various engineering branches such as, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science, Information Technology, Mechanical, Civil etc.

We have also ventured into new avenues like MCA and MBA.

What do we do?

Our Mission, Values and Motto

To provide simple and good quality Keys and Companion (Guide) to the students of Engineering, MCA & MBA thereby enabling them to have better control over their academic life. To become the most preferred brand of simple and good quality Keys and Companion (Guide) for all the technical disciplines of AKTU.

Quantum Series

What is Quantum Series?

Quantum Series is the complete one-stop solution for Engineering, MCA & MBA students looking for a simple yet effective guidance system for core subjects. Based on the needs of students and catering to the requirements of the syllabi, this series uniquely addresses the way in which concepts are tested through university examinations. The easy to comprehend question answer form adhered to by the books in this series is suitable and recommended for students. The students are able to effortlessly grasp the concepts and ideas discussed in their course books with the help of this series. The solved question papers of previous years act as an additional advantage for students to comprehend the paper pattern, and thus anticipate and prepare for examinations accordingly.

The coherent manner in which the books in this series present new ideas and concepts to students makes this series play an essential role in the preparation for university examinations. The detailed and comprehensive discussions, easy to understand examples, and ample exercises, all aid the students to understand everything in an all-inclusive manner.

Quantum Series has been designed especially keeping in mind the particular needs of students at the time of university examinations. The insightful yet brief explanation and dialogue provided in these books helps the students prepare in a thorough manner when there is a paucity of time near the examination. Explaining the main topics in greater detail to aid the student to focus on the most important aspects of the course is another hallmark of this series.

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